Friday, January 14, 2011

Turbo Fire Week 1

So today marks the end of my first week of TurboFire. I must say I'm proud of myself because the only day I skipped a workout was when I was supposed to, lol. I love it so far. I am sweating and jumping and burning tons of calories...which are all my most favorite things to do. I wont check my measurements until week 3 or 4, because I dont want to get disappointed. We all know it takes a few weeks before the results start rolling in, but you're always tempted to check, this time I wont.

Starting measurements:
Upper arm: 14in
Bra band: 35in (I doubt that will change, I can see my ribcage now)
Over belly buttom: 38in
Waist: 38in
Upper Thighs: 27in
Lower Thighs: 22in
Calves: 17in

Weight: 212.4lbs or 96.5kg
My favorite so far is the 55 EZ class, burnt almost 800cals in an hour, how awesome is that?? I was sweating like a piglet and slept like a baby that night.
Weight-wise, Aunt Flo is here visiting, so... ladies you know how that goes. I'm up 6lbs....SIX. Dagnamit. Ready to get this over with. I miss my 212... But that is the price we pay to be women. Back next week with my weigh-in, and more on TurboFire.
Keep working, keep sweating!!



  1. Im giving you an award on my blog. Check tomorrows post. Keep up the great work..stay focused :-)