Sunday, January 23, 2011

Plateau Broken!

I was seriously beginning to doubt my sanity over the last 2 weeks. I went from AuntFlo's 5lb gain straight into a plateau. I hate getting on the scale and seeing the same number all week. Yesterday I was just demoralized, didnt feel like working out, so I didnt. I didnt have much of an appetite either so in the end it balanced out...ate 1400cals, BodyMedia says I burnt 2500cals. Anyway, I wasnt optimistic at all when I hopped on the scale today, in fact I had a SlimFast shake in my hand while I was on the scale, lol... My scale blinks a few times before it shows a number. So blink, blink, blink...and 211.2...AAAAAAAH. Ok, I know it's 'just' 1.4lbs, but if you had been stuck at the same number for as long as I had, even 0.1oz is cause for celebration. So 28.6lbs gone, 30lbs...I can smell you just round the corner. Now I'm motivated to workout, Turbo Fire HIIT 20 and 30DS today

Happy Sunday pals :)

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