Friday, January 7, 2011

2011 Projects, yes not resolutions, Projects.

It's funny, I can't remember the last year I actually sat down and listed or thought about New Year's resolutions. At some point I realized that I never got any of those 'visions of grandeur' started let alone completed. I guess it was around the same time I decided that life was too short for planning, and detailing. I decided that to get the most out of my life, I had to live like there was no tomorrow and make sure I enjoyed everyday. Whether I got everything I was supposed to do done or not, as long as I enjoyed the year; I was happy.

Haha, I definitely do not follow THAT doctrine anymore. This year I still believe that life is short, but now I think this means I can not and should not waste any moments, and get things done! The only way you can do this successfully is to list (or at least think about) what I need/want to complete, and come up with a strategy how I'll do that. I hate the word 'resolutions'; it reminds me of the tens of resolutions I never touched. Soo...I'm going to call mine 'projects'. Yes, I like the sound of that, the things I want to do are not do-able overnight. They indeed are projects, and here they are:

1. Become more social and outgoing: I hate small talk, I hate going to places with people I do not know so this one will be a challenge, but I realize it needs to get done. Too many times I am in my own little world, I have so much love and fun to share. It's selfish of me to keep me to myself :D. Now how will I do this? Talk more, call people more, actually return phonecalls, more movie nights, and girly outings...and all the other things the rest of y'all socialites do.

2. Get more in shape!!: I wont label this one as 'lose weight'. I have already started on that one and I wont stop, so... instead I want to be stronger and build on my endurance. How will I get there? SWEATING, and JUMPING, and DANCING. I just started TurboFire...and Oh Man!! IT whooped my behind!! I will be writing more about TurboFire and the workouts, and how I'm doing, and my measurements and progress a lot from now on. After that I'll move to ChaLEAN Extreme :)

3. See my family: To ensure that I do not get emotional and boo hoo all over my keyboard and freak out my co-workers; I will not go into details of how much I miss them, how long it has been, how hard etc. The point is I want to make it a point this year to see them, even if I have to move heavens and high waters to do it. Period.

4. Love my Sweetheart more and more and more: Self explanatory.

5. Organize and go to my highschool reunion. It has been almost 7 would be nice to see everyone again. Plus it would have to be in Zimbabwe (my home), so that's a plus.

Most resolutions or in my case projects (lol) fail because people start working on them in October. I'm starting now.

Love tons,

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