Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The girl in my dreams...

When I close my eyes, my dreams play out in front of me.
I see myself exactly as I should be.
I see the smile, I hear the laughter
I see myself dance, twirl.
Confidence, joy, poise, hope, grace
Loving the world in the palm of my hands...
I hug myself and giggle, I love this dream.
I slowly open my eyes and look at the mirror in front of me.
The smile vanishes
I drop my arms, my eyes water.
The girl I saw in my dreams is not the girl staring back at me....

But every time I dream she is there,
She wonders why I wont join her;
why I wont share in her joy, in her journey.
The control and freedom in her hands feels better than any food.
The chance to run like the wind, or swim in the ocean without fear
is worth the sweat and devotion...

I will not make her wait any longer.

The girl in my dreams was 90lbs away a few months ago, after
27lbs she's only 63lbs away. So close, so close. I'm coming to you MystiQue.
And I will not let you down.

Decided to suck it up and add some before and after pics for my blog and FB friends...
They wont be up for long though, so get ur fill fast :)



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