Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 1: Purpose and Poise

A moment of pain, or a minute of pleasure;
are nothing short of a drop in all the oceans combined.
That burning love, that burst of joy is nothing but
fine dust floating away on a breeze.
For too long we hold on to memories and dreams
For too long we hold on to nothingness
We spend years pursuing a desire a seemingly worthy need
We spend years pursuing dust...

Regrardless of how cliche-ish this sounds; a new year really is a chance for a new start. I am making that new beginning. For too many years I have held on to past hurts and turned them into excuses for living my present. For too long I have held on to past successes, and used them as absolution for procrastination. Yeah, um...not anymore. Life is too short.

Shorter than a sunrise, less than a sigh,
Less than the blink of His eye,
That is how long life truly is

This past year I have made a lot of changes, this new year I plan on moving on to a new level. This blog is my diary, my recording of the progress and failures I will no doubt make in 2011. This blog is advice for you, sometimes entertainment...either way you will learn a lot about me and about you....

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