Sunday, March 6, 2011

Daily morning workouts!!

Fitness-wise? The past week was awesome!! Ugh, it sucks to admit this but I dont think I cannot honestly say I worked super hard to lose the 32 lbs I've lost. Yes I count calories. Yes I walk too and from work daily. Yes I do a little Turbo a few times a week. But I haven't really 'worked hard'... I haven't gone out of my way to work out. I haven't sacrificed much or committed to anything... This past week I decided the next 30 lbs I lose will mostly be from blood, sweat, and tears. I decided to commit to something I couldn't just coast through... Something difficult and challenging, something I will be proud of when it becomes easy and second nature.

So I decided I was going to start working out on the gym. More like run in the gym. I decided on 2 miles (running) on the treadmill and a mile (long fast strides) on the elliptical. Not only that but I was going to do this 6 days a week, at 6 o'clock in the morning. Tall order right?

I did it. I got out of bed 6 times this week before dawn and walked half a mile to the gym, completed my miles and walked back home to get ready for work. I lost 3lbs. And boy am I period of those 3 lbs from my pain and sweat. Those were the sweetest 3 lbs ever...

Tomorrow starts another week. Another week I will be proud of. This journey... This weight loss journey, it's about much more than numbers on a scale, or looking good before graduation or your wedding... It's about doing something you've never done. About learning just how much you are worth or can do. My journey is about becoming proud of myself...failing in love with myself, so I can become healthier, more fit, more confident. True beauty comes from within and after this week; I am just a little closer...

What's your 'not-scale-related' reason for starting and staying on this journey??

Wishing you, and me, an awesome week!!