Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Still here: Kinda sorta :/

I'm scared to even check how long it's been since I deserted my poor poor blog. All I know is it's been long, too long... I have been keeping up with all the blogs I follow, so many inspiring progress...but also so many people have fallen of the me...
I weighed myself today after a little while.. I was expecting the worst, but I was 207.4lbs. The same exact weight I was in February...ugh. The up-side is I havent gained much. I was around 203lbs when I started slacking in May. But I am not trying to perfect the art of maintaining weight here, I want to LOSE!

Anyway, I'm here now. Nothing much to update. Work is still stressful, fiance is still awesome. I am planning on going to visit Zimbabwe in December (God-willing). My family will be there too, visiting from Australia. I havent seen Zimbabwe or them in over 6 YEARS. So of course I cant go there at 207lbs! I mean I was around 260lbs at one point, but they dont know that. I have to go down to at least 185lbs, lest they FREAK OUT...or think I am pregnant...which I might be anyway...haha...but that's news for another blog post.

So what now? In order to enjoy my vacation, I have to lose more weight. Sad, I know, but you dont know Zimbabweans. They will make my life miserable if I get there in size 14 pants :(.

Plan of action:
  • Eat better. I have been tracking my calories, but I havent been keeping to my calorie limits.
  • Restart my Turbofire regimen...and actually finish the workouts, not stopping 15 mins in. I know, I know
  • Gym 3 times a week, once with the boo.
And no more deserting my blog!

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