Friday, April 15, 2011

Big Chop!!! Yes, I cut ALL my hair off...

I was ready.
All of a sudden my braids were itching me, getting in my face, irritating my neck..
So I took them out.
Decided to try a quick weave the next day...worst idea EVER!!!!!
It looked ridiculous, I got glue ALL OVER my bathroom, and the hair itched my neck!!
So I took it out at 1am, and just sat there.
What was I going to do with my hair in the morning? Monday morning!??
I was ready to stop hiding.
Monday morning I washed MY hair, picked it out and threw a band on:

I got so many (good) compliments, I was in shock.
So that night I decided to really do a big chop....
Again at 1am, scissors in hand, tears on my cheeks, I chopped if OFF!!
You should have seen my boyfriend's face the next morning...hehehe.
(I probably should have warned him first, right?):

I wish I was one of those super empowered, confident big-choppers....
I am SO NOT.
Some days, I cant keep my fingers out of my hair because it's so soft...and new
On those days, I dance in the mirror, and take pics of every angle,
I wonder why I didnt cut it any sooner, and swear never to relax again...

Then...on other days, I just want to scream, lol
I am terrified, I dont look like me,
I have to change my smile, and the way I angle my head to get those killer pics...
I feel depressed, and when I touch my head, my hair is dry and foreign.


I am getting used to it, I know it was the right decision.
I know it will pay off.
But I have so so much to learn.
And y'all know I'll try to blog about every step :)

In a new day;


  1. LOVE it....looks very nice and shows off your beautiful facial features :-)