Sunday, February 20, 2011

Long time no blog? Updates!

My poor blog, I have not deserted you!! Life has been a little hectic lately. Now that things are slowly getting under control, I can tell you ALL about it!!

I spent the first week of February in Alberta Canada. That was such an experience. I went with my boss and 3 other people from work, including my boyfriend. In case I hadnt mentioned, my boyfriend is fellow PhD student and we work in the same lab. Anyhoo, we went for a conference on viral genome replication, it was very informative. I also had to give a 20min presentation/talk on my results; I was a nervous wreck....but I think I rocked it, lol. After the conference, my boyfriend and I spent a day in Calgary with some of his family. It was awesome. They accepted me and treated me like family. I loved them all immediately.

Then we came back to the US, back to classes and work. Back to usual; only closer. The trip was really good for our relationship, it was like a breath of fresh air :)

Now weightloss-wise; I lost about 2lbs to 207.4lbs while we were away. Then AuntFlo came around so as usual I'm retaining water....but I know it will pass.

Goal for the week: more water I'm drinking about 64oz a day lately, I want to go back up to the 120oz I used to guzzle down!! Food: 1400cals. Work out 500cals (gym/Wii fit/TurboFire) a day.

Also added a recent pic to the bottom of the Progress Pics page!

Hair-wise: I should have mentioned this before, but I do my own hair. It's relaxing and rewarding!! So I added a pic of the braids I put in a week ago to the No Lye Page.

Ok, now to catch up with all the blogs I follow!!

Love you for reading,


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